Important items needed in suitcase for a trip to Halong Bay

If the Halong Bay trip is your first time, it is necessary for you to prepare all items at your home ready for your time away, so you can plan your trip with ease.

By the way, be advised that your tour is a few days in HaLong Bay – Lan Ha Bay (2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights). For a short trip, you should not pack a lot of stuff or a big suitcase, just need the essentials and you’re good to go. Instead of that, You can ask the receptionist to leave the big suitcase at the hotel if possible.

Here are the most important items to bring

  1. Original passport required
  2. Sun block, proper shoes
  3. Wide brim hat, sunglasses
  4. Swimming costume
  5. Smartphone or cameras
  6. Music player, books
  7. Some warm clothes for winter time.

Furthermore, in fact, Halong M’Gloria Cruise have prepared some other items ready for any situation like: umbrella, rain coat, first aid kit

Don’t forget anything and check back one day earlier before the departure date. We make sure that there’s nothing left for you to do but to enjoy yourselves. Happy traveling!